About Us

It's our job to give money away.

We recognize that students attending our public schools thrive in an environment that promotes hands-on learning and provides diverse opportunities to develop skills for self-expression and for navigating our ever-changing world. Vibrant, engaging programs are an essential part of each student’s educational experience. We fund many of those programs, with your help.

We are community members, parents, former teachers, business owners, and education champions. We know that strong schools educate successful students who are essential to our vibrant community.

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2019-20 Board of Directors
Doug Abdalla
Ali Bowyer
Kelly Crane
Lisa Goldfarb
Kristin Hoffmeister
Dianne Maher
Stephanie Parry
Cecilia Raffo
Joel Toller
Amy Watson
Diana Wesner

Committee Members
Courtney Becker

Kathi Brotemarkle

Andi Brown

Noreen Fetzer

Dorothy Mondavi

Maureen Olen

Susan Swan

Dr. Marylou Wilson